"what you resist...persists"

I always had a desire to work with the human psyche, having a seemingly innate drive to support others as they explored their emotions, thoughts and behaviour. I felt this from a very young age. I studied psychology in my own time from the age of 14 through to my first degree and then counselling for my second degree.

My life experience and career didn't reflect my true desires until the last few years; much of my first 30 years of this life were spent resisting my natural path. While successful in my 10 year career in banking, I was always aware of an underlying dissatisfaction but chose to resist this in favour of progressing in my "good" job. I also resisted this lack of fulfilment in personal relationships.

As I continued to resist I attracted more and more negativity in my life before bravely responding to a desire to return to my natural path: I re-commenced my studies, starting a degree in counselling and psychotherapy, and began to practice yoga; I immersed myself in both with incredible dedication and surprising ease. Life started to make sense. Rather than resist, I began to understand that one can find inner peace by becoming aware of all resistance and to make the conscious choice to simply let life be as it is.

After a transformative few years of deep self study and training through person centred and yoga philosophy, I decided to live my path by sharing my knowledge of self exploration, and do so through various channels using the felt senses and connection, namely counselling and yoga. This sharing synthesises with a deeper experience of my individual consciousness, thereby realising the embodied experience of the how we are organically connected as part of a larger whole.