Cross Fit East Kilbride Welcomes MARTYN BLACKLOCK YOGA
1:00 PM13:00

Cross Fit East Kilbride Welcomes MARTYN BLACKLOCK YOGA

13:00-14:30 Shoulder Opening Workshop
15:00-16:30 Hip Opening Workshop

Martyn is delighted to share with you the physical benefits of yoga for releasing tension in the shoulders and hips, two key areas affected by high impact activity such as Crossfit and Triathlons. A first time Ironman competitor, Martyn has seen how yoga has helped keep his body supple while gaining strength and endurance. 

The benefits of yoga for athletes are many. By integrating yoga into a training program athletes can:

release tension through stretching with full body awareness
reduce risk of injury by safely strengthening muscles
increase lung capacity with breathing techniques
optimise recovery
improve performance
develop mental focusincrease flexibility and balance

Workshops must be paid in advance to one of the coaches at Crossfit East Kilbride

One workshop £15 or both £25

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